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Our independence fosters the credibility of the investigation, promotes the gathering of unbiased and unfiltered information, and helps preserve organizational relationships.

Our clients confidently rely on our trusted team to reach full and accurate findings—allowing them to keep their internal resources focused on their businesses.

Axium develops and implements a strategy that is tailored to confront the unique allegations of each investigation and designed to efficiently meet each client’s objective. Axium’s investigators are committed to the protocols required to maintain the integrity of evidence. When circumstances warrant, Axium serves as an effective liaison between its clients and law enforcement.

  • Interviewing witnesses and identifying crucial information and credible evidence
  • Reconstructing events through forensic accounting, comprehensive email review, and data and record analysis
  • Uncovering undisclosed relationships, hidden financial interests, and financial and legal problems
  • Conducting surveillance and other traditional investigative techniques
  • Evaluating financial records and explaining complex transactions

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