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Business Intelligence

Axium’s experienced professionals provide comprehensive and credible intelligence on individuals and companies around the world that assists clients in mitigating risks and making informed decisions

Our business intelligence investigations are tailored to provide practical and timely solutions to meet a broad range of client objectives.

Axium gathers intelligence through traditional investigative techniques, in-depth research, and extensive and tested resources worldwide. Axium is resolute in its commitment to maintaining confidentiality and the highest degree of discretion throughout its investigations.

Investigative Due Diligence

Axium uncovers and thoroughly analyzes background information on individuals and companies, along with their employees and principals, that is vital to conducting responsible due diligence.

Litigation Intelligence

Axium provides background intelligence about witnesses and opposing parties to bolster clients’ positions and to challenge those of opposing parties. Axium assists clients in identifying and locating key witnesses.

Competitive Intelligence

Axium delivers a competitive edge to its clients through critical intelligence and analysis about competitors and negotiation partners. Our information allows clients to be more informed in making strategic decisions.

Opposition Research

Axium provides focused research to reveal weaknesses and vulnerabilities of opposition. Our intelligence helps clients better understand opportunities.

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