Minda Block


Minda serves a variety of Axium clients by providing vital due diligence on individuals and entities for funds of funds, hedge funds, private equity and venture capital groups, real estate investment firms, law firms, charitable foundations, and other businesses. In her more than 15 years with Axium, Minda has managed a wide range of investigative due diligence matters, including coordinating multi-jurisdictional research and analysis of litigation files and other public records.

Minda previously worked for more than four years at a prominent not-for profit organization where she was responsible for performing comprehensive background investigations on individuals and entities. Minda also provided intelligence for a broad array of constituents including the United States Department of Justice, local law enforcement, government officials, investigative reporters, private corporations, private lawyers, and charitable organizations. In this position, Minda also consulted on issues pertaining to cyber security and facility risk and security.

Earlier in her career, Minda worked at labor and employment law firms where she advised companies on Internet and email use policies, Internet security, and ways to protect companies from employee misconduct. Minda also worked on a project basis for a Big Four consulting firm.

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